Some years ago I started playing with the demo-version of TRANSPORT TYCOON. After a week or so I got interested in the full version.
So I went to the local computershop and bought the TRANSPORT TYCOON CLASSIC version and was very satisfied with it.
But now and than the bugs irritated me, so I downloaded some update/patches and played on.

When the Scenario editor was released I spended again some cash and lost again lots of time playing 'You Know What'. The story was repeating with TRANSPORT TYCOON DE LUXE. Another trip to the shop to get that version. I still play it with pleasure and it cost me to much time, but that seems normal with this addicting game!

I don't feel like making another TRANSPORT TYCOON page with the same information. So here is a little of something different. On my pages all about the music of TRANSPORT TYCOON (CLASSIC en DE LUXE).

The text above was written in 1999 about ten years ago. With some searching on the net you can now (2009) find a legal copy to download. This copy is an extended version and works well on a Windows XP system.

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