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Transport Tycoon MIDI Talk

The music of TRANSPORT TYCOON is pretty good written and is played by the internal soundcard of the computer or send to the MIDI-port and played by an external soundmodule. The music data is stored in a few files with the .CAT-extension. For each soundcard exists a different file. The files are NOT in the standard MIDI-format, but in an own compressed format. To use or analyse the MIDI-data is thus impossible, it seems.

But there are more ways to catch MIDI-data.

If you have a spare computer with a sequencer program installed then its MIDI-out from the 'TYCOON'-computer to MIDI-in of the second computer.
Another way is to connect an external MIDI-recorder or MIDI-composer to your computer and record the outcoming MIDI-data. With this configuration it should be possible to make STANDARD MIDI FILES for use in a sequencer or the media player in your computer.

With the music in this format you can remix or even change the sound completely by changing the instruments (MIDI-PATCHES). But the music as is, is not to bad!

There was one big problem when I tried to record the Tycoon Tunes. My computer didn't send any MIDI CLOCK signals with the MIDI-data. Maybe its my soundcard, I don't know. However it sends a SONG START code to its MIDI-out port. My external MIDI-recorder could start on it and so I recorded al the Tycoon Tunes one by one.

After that I started my LOGIC sequencer program and played the songs into the computer. Saved them as LOGIC file for later use. At this point I made from each song a MIDI-file for all that fans of Transport Tycoon. Now you can listen to that never boring music when you are word-processing or other soundless computerwork.

This MIDI-files are not good for printing the music because the barlines are not in the right place. But that is something you can't hear!

With a lot patience and time it is possible to work on this raw MIDI recordings and make the barlines at the right place among other things.

I did it only by one song: The 'TRANSPORT TYCOON DE LUXE THEME'. This song is now in 2/4 rhythm and 70 bars long. The tempo is metronome mark 108 (it varies from 100-112 during playback and is not constant). Played in a loop it is like starting TTD and forgetting it. It plays on and on...

Right now you're listening to the 'TRANSPORT TYCOON CLASSIC THEME'!

The MIDI files are as is and only for listening. Switching between the files sometimes results in not proper 'pitch bend' settings and sounds then out of tune. I will fix that in future, when I can find some time for it.

The main reason that I place this MIDI files on the net is that it seems that people want to hear this music also when they are not playing TTD and that they did not know how to do that.

If you want to know more about MIDI click HERE and visit my HOMEPAGE: see MIDI SPECS 1.0.

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